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~ Spirit Weaver ~

~ Ceremonialist ~

~ IET & Reiki Master Instructor ~

~ Holistic Cosmetologist ~

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Rebekah O’Dell is experienced in the art of embracing who you are, even in your mess, and facilitating others to do the same by helping them to recognize their beauty and cultivate healthy, honest, nurturing relationships with themselves. She holds a passion for holistic wellness and creating ceremonies, and loves bringing people together in nature with the spirit of unity and diversity. She is on a mission to empower people with sovereignty and raise the vibration and consciousness of our planet, so that we can expand and grow into our fullest potential as divine starbeings.

Rebekah is a multi-preneur and is trailblazing a spiritual path for business.  She is co-creator of Full Moon Camping Retreats, LLC,  where she is in the fifth year of facilitating transformational life experiences with her brother in the four corners area of the U.S. She currently resides in the White Mountains of AZ, where she owns and operates The Spirit Glow Holistic Salon and Spirit Grove Healing Sanctuary, LLC,  and is a collaborating member of The White Mountain Healing Alliance. Rebekah is a seasoned cosmetologist of 21 years, a Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Healing®, a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui® and Holy Fire®,  and holds multiple certifications in yoga and life coaching.  She loves guiding others to do what she does whether in 1:1 sessions or behind the chair, in classes or workshops training holistic entrepreneurs, hosting business masterminds, or facilitating retreats.

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